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Spanish version and new games

July 19, 2009

Hi Everyone, Hola niños,

Boy o boy – loads of news from us today

Spanish1. We are happy to announce our support for Spanish ! You can now play Shidonni in Spanish by choosing the flag  in our home page.

chairs2. A new game to win ! Chairs Concert
Follow the pattern of lights and sounds in this new challenging game!

It’s fun, single and multi player. Let’s see who has the best memory !



3. Shidonni Pro clinic
Wow! Check out the new clinic!
Be your pets’ doctor, give them a full check up and keep them healthy and happy! Pro users have it all the time but we will offer to to everyone once in a while. clinic

Notice the new menu button with the doctor’s case.

Your animal will be checked and we will tell you what you need to do to make them better.


4. A super- spaceship!
Want to send pets to your friends in a glowing super cool spaceship?
Add 3 friends and upgrade your spaceship!


5. New music for your worlds and New pets voices
Win more cool music and voices for your pets and worlds !
Make your pet talk in a grumpy monster voice, or sing in beautiful piano voice…
Surprising voices are waiting for you now in the gifts stars!

6. PrimaryGames Users – we have a new TV for you !

Shidonni TV will not feature animals that were sent only from PrimaryGames.

Log to Primarygames and click on Shidonni.

You will see a new TV planet :


Click it, Choose one your pets (you can choose only pets with passports)


Click on the “send to TV” button.

If you animals is chosen you’ll be able to see it in the Primarygames Homepage TV in exactly 24 hours !!


Let us know what you think !!


Share your world with family and friends

February 1, 2009

Did you know you can share your world with your family and your friends ? Did you know you can send grandma or Ben from down the road a way to look into your world ?

Here is how

Click the telescope planet


When you choose one of the worlds you can share, notice the button on the bottom of the page, looking like an email


When you’ll click it, you will be able to fill the email of anyone who you’d want to see your creation.


Click OK and you are set. They will get an email with a link to go and see the lovely world you have done.

It is that easy. Enjoy.


New Invites to Print and Give-a-way

January 21, 2009

Hi Everyone,

Many of you asked us to have “personal cards” with Shidonni‘s web site address to give to friends in school.

We created two card sheets that you can print, cut and give a way to your class. You can even add your user name so friends can add you and you can play together !

Choose any of the two pictures (just click on them and choose “Print” from the “File” menu).  Be Earth friendly: Print only as many as you need in order to save paper and the Earth !

These cards are part of our big release next week where loads of new fun things will be revealed.

Enjoy !

(click on any picture below, print it, cut it, add your name and give your friends).

PrintForFriends6     PrintForFriends5

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New drawing lessons !

January 20, 2009

Hi everyone,

We posted new drawing lessons. You can check them out at the editors top left area:


You can now learn how to draw an elephant, mouse and a dinosaur.

We have more lessons and loads of good surprises coming in next week , so make sure you come in to check them out.

let us know what you think – mail us at



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