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Shidonni wins GOLD at Parents’ Choice Award

September 15, 2009

Gold Award

Gold Award

We are thrilled to announce we just received the Gold Award from the Parents Choice Foundations.

The full review can be found here:…

Here is a quote:
As a parent, and a designer, I not only enjoyed watching my 4-year-old exploring his artistic talents, but I too found myself having fun making animals and artwork and playing some of the games.

We will continue to develop Shidonni based on creativity values and highest standards to provide creative fun for kids everywhere.

Thank you for playing Shidonni !


New Cars

August 19, 2009


News! you can draw new cars to your pets in Shidonni.

Click on the new Car button and draw a car. You can even test drive it and change it so it will be super fast !

Tell us what you think

Awards and press love

July 15, 2009

Hi everyone,

We are excited to update that we were chosen as one of the top 10 Israeli internet startups in Israel at the TWS event. We were chosen out of 70 startups by an amazing set of judges who reviewed us. Techcrunch wrote about Shidonni, as well as Ezra from 1938Media (who is giving away 1 month Shidonni Pro subscriptions). Following the win , Virtual world news had a QA session with Guy.

At the event Nir was showing what we do to many visitors and even had a kid to show and play

Guy presented Shidonni to the panel and had to answer a lot of questions.


We always enjoy the real time feedback and we always like to hear from you about your ideas and suggestions. Thank you everyone for the love and support we get.

See you in our next event !


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A guide to use Shidonni

May 17, 2009

digitalmaverick created  a great guide for the Shidonni user interface. Here is the slideshow. Share this and enjoy !

Shidonni releases a white paper on the empowerment of children’s creativity

March 19, 2009


We just released today a new white paper on the empowerment of children’s creativity in virtual worlds and games.

The white paper, aimed at parents and educators, addresses questions that interest anyone who is working in the field of children’s education, such as, “can fun and engaging games contribute to a child’s mental and creative growth?”

If you would like to download a copy of the white paper, please visit: 

We will keep the link on the right side of our blog links for a while. 

We will be happy to get your comments.

Read the full PR here :

Classroom ideas

March 18, 2009

Hi everyone,

Over the past few weeks we had a number of users send us ideas on using Shidonni in schools.

Here is a list of these ideas and we would be happy to continue and add to it your ideas – please send them in.

In the future we will create an entire section of these ideas – so keep them flowing in.

Kelly Irish:

  • The learner will contribute a sentence to a Shared Writing about the experience to create a class book…using the book creation feature on Shidonni
  • TLW independently draw a picture, illustrating an element of the common experience with the picture and sentence must represent the same concept..On Shidonni have students draw and animal and think of all the things he can do? Dogs run. Birds Fly.
  • TLW share the published story with an audience outside the classroom, save, email or screen capture your movie to share with others.
  • TLW, after listening to a selected story, discuss the setting in detail and collaboratively illustrate the setting.
  • TLW listen to a story and discuss the characters through actions, words, and pictures in the story. Add a character to the setting.

Kelly Tenkely:

  • create a Shidonni world with all of the planets (in correct order of course)  Then create aliens and spaceships to fly through their outer space.

send us more through this blog or to our to our mail box

GameIS award and reviews

March 18, 2009

Hi everyone,

The last three weeks were incredibly busy, the good way.

We got our first award ! the most promising game startup in Israel 🙂 Here is the award :

gameis award

We were also picked as one of the 10 most promising start ups in Israel. Now we need to live up to expectations..

In addition loads of blogs mention us – with some of them we are running a “giveaway” for free Shidonni Pro accounts, so make sure to follow on these write ups !

Here are some of the review we got:

We also added new features (like the book) which we should write about separately next week. ..

Thank you all !

Please help us make Shidonni better

February 22, 2009

we want your feedback

Hi everyone


Please help us make Shidonni better by filling out this set of questions.  We appreciate your thoughts and feedback ! 

Happy Valentine’s day

February 11, 2009

Hi Everyone,

Valentine’s day celebrations already begun at Shidonni. We have added two new lessons FOR LIMITED TIME of an angle and a flying heart.

Here is one of them can, can you find the other ??


Keep sending us your creations !

We hope you enjoy it and share your creations and love with your family and friends.




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Share your world with family and friends

February 1, 2009

Did you know you can share your world with your family and your friends ? Did you know you can send grandma or Ben from down the road a way to look into your world ?

Here is how

Click the telescope planet


When you choose one of the worlds you can share, notice the button on the bottom of the page, looking like an email


When you’ll click it, you will be able to fill the email of anyone who you’d want to see your creation.


Click OK and you are set. They will get an email with a link to go and see the lovely world you have done.

It is that easy. Enjoy.