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Halloween in Shidonni

October 12, 2009

Halloween Shidonni

Hi Everyone

We began our Halloween festivals with a new background and homepage. Look for more activities as the day approaches .

What would you like to see and play in Shidonni this Halloween ?


Shidonni Staying True To Safety Values With Ikeepsafe Partnership

October 4, 2009

iKeepSafe Online - Internet Safety CoalitionShidonni and the Internet Keep Safe Coalition partner to promote cyber safety for kids and offer lesson plans to teachers during cyber security awareness month

Shidonni, the award winning browser-based virtual world that provides a safe and creative Web environment for children, has partnered with the Internet Keep Safe Coalition to promote cyber safety for kids.

Thanks to this partnership an iKeepSafe custom version of Shidonni has been created at It is supported with lesson plans and worksheets that are free for schools, and also provides class management tools and guidance for teachers.

“True to our values, we are delighted to extend support for safer online experiences for children around the world,” said Ido Mazursky, Shidonni’s CEO. “Next to our ongoing goals of providing creative fun to children everywhere, partnering with iKeepSafe and Faux Paw is a critical step in Shidonni’s commitment to the Internet safety of children.”

iKeepSafe President Marsali Hancock echoed those sentiments.

“The best time to educate youth is when they are young and just learning to participate in online communities,” Hancock said. “We are excited about our partnership with Shidonni because children not only learn how to create and participate in the virtual world, but they also learn how to be ethical, responsible and reliant cyber citizens.”

About Shidonni (

Shidonni offers a unique experience to children by allowing them to draw and play with the virtual pets they create. Shidonni was founded in 2008 by Nachshon Peled and Mazursky, the former CEO of Toys’R’Us Israel. Shidonni is backed by a group of UK investors and to date has raised $1.5 million.

About the Internet Keep Safe Coalition (

The Internet Keep Safe Coalition is a broad partnership of governors, first spouses or attorneys general from all 50 states, the FBI, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, the NEA, National PTA and corporate sponsors, dedicated to keeping children safe online. The Coalition provides parent tutorials and educational resources, including the Faux Paw the Techno Cattm Internet safety series of books and animated films for children. Coalition materials are distributed throughout the United States with pilot programs launching this year in China, India and Australia.

New background , warming up to new updates this month

September 8, 2009

Hi everyone. long time.

new shidonni background

new shidonni background

We have a new background and new updates (like a new car sit maker for your new cars). What do you think ? we plan a major upgrade by the 22nd with some cool features. We’ll keep you posted.

New Cars

August 19, 2009


News! you can draw new cars to your pets in Shidonni.

Click on the new Car button and draw a car. You can even test drive it and change it so it will be super fast !

Tell us what you think

Spanish version and new games

July 19, 2009

Hi Everyone, Hola niños,

Boy o boy – loads of news from us today

Spanish1. We are happy to announce our support for Spanish ! You can now play Shidonni in Spanish by choosing the flag  in our home page.

chairs2. A new game to win ! Chairs Concert
Follow the pattern of lights and sounds in this new challenging game!

It’s fun, single and multi player. Let’s see who has the best memory !



3. Shidonni Pro clinic
Wow! Check out the new clinic!
Be your pets’ doctor, give them a full check up and keep them healthy and happy! Pro users have it all the time but we will offer to to everyone once in a while. clinic

Notice the new menu button with the doctor’s case.

Your animal will be checked and we will tell you what you need to do to make them better.


4. A super- spaceship!
Want to send pets to your friends in a glowing super cool spaceship?
Add 3 friends and upgrade your spaceship!


5. New music for your worlds and New pets voices
Win more cool music and voices for your pets and worlds !
Make your pet talk in a grumpy monster voice, or sing in beautiful piano voice…
Surprising voices are waiting for you now in the gifts stars!

6. PrimaryGames Users – we have a new TV for you !

Shidonni TV will not feature animals that were sent only from PrimaryGames.

Log to Primarygames and click on Shidonni.

You will see a new TV planet :


Click it, Choose one your pets (you can choose only pets with passports)


Click on the “send to TV” button.

If you animals is chosen you’ll be able to see it in the Primarygames Homepage TV in exactly 24 hours !!


Let us know what you think !!

New version is up

June 15, 2009

treasure_islandHi everyone !
I am happy to say we have a new version.
This version includes:

  1. A new treasure island multiplayer game
  2. Voices for animals – they can now talk !
  3. A new birthday party
  4. And a surprise Friday event… You’ll have to log in to check it out.

We also added new gifts and interface upgrades.
We are upgrading our teachers’ dashboard as well at – more news on that in the near future.

Be creative ! See you in Shidonni today.

A new version coming your way

June 11, 2009

Boy o boy we have lots of surprises for you in Shidonni. We are gearing for a new version after a hectic few weeks. Both our RD leader and our co founder and CTO had their first babies over the last few week (did you read our Shidonni twitter account?)   . Congratulations ! . I am not sure when they have managed to get the new features ready for….. (tadadada) next week !

Sometime over the next week we will issue new games, new activities and a special surprise which you’ll be able to see only on Fridays (can you guess what it is ?)

We are preparing some cool activities for your summer break. Shidonni is all about creativity and imagination so some cool events and drawing companions are on the way. We would love to know what games you’d like to see and what activities you want in.

What do users say ?

March 31, 2009

Hi Everyone,

As you may have seen, we got loads of new things to show you. 

User Joey Gilles sums it up best:

Just the other day a new game came out along with a new feature

1. the feature is you can now send books 

2.the new game is were you have to match colors to make them go away

and just keep your Eyes peeled for more surprises soon


Yes. We are upgrading the book, so you can share it with Friends. There are new moves and behaviours to the animals and it is becoming a cool place to create more great activities with your animals and worlds.

The “bubble” game is nothing less than addictive. You’ll get the rules quickly and we are sure you’ll have hours of fun setting lines of colors together.

Have Fun !

GameIS award and reviews

March 18, 2009

Hi everyone,

The last three weeks were incredibly busy, the good way.

We got our first award ! the most promising game startup in Israel 🙂 Here is the award :

gameis award

We were also picked as one of the 10 most promising start ups in Israel. Now we need to live up to expectations..

In addition loads of blogs mention us – with some of them we are running a “giveaway” for free Shidonni Pro accounts, so make sure to follow on these write ups !

Here are some of the review we got:

We also added new features (like the book) which we should write about separately next week. ..

Thank you all !

Happy Valentine’s day

February 11, 2009

Hi Everyone,

Valentine’s day celebrations already begun at Shidonni. We have added two new lessons FOR LIMITED TIME of an angle and a flying heart.

Here is one of them can, can you find the other ??


Keep sending us your creations !

We hope you enjoy it and share your creations and love with your family and friends.




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