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Shidonni is used in Pike County computer lab

December 9, 2009

We just got a heart-warming letter from Angela Nix, a technology teacher from Pike County Primary School . She shared with us her excitement about using Shidonni with her second and first classes.

See the wonderfull slideshow she created of her class learning with Shidonni

Our teachers dashboard and lesson plans for any teachers are avaliable free at:

Enjoy !


New version is up

January 6, 2009

Hey boys and girls,
We are excited to update you on the news from Shidonni. The team is hard at work to add new things to do, make the things we already have better and add in new good surprises.

In the front page, you’ll be able to see weekly new animals that we loved. Keep sending us your animals !

brunoInside Shidonni Bruno has become our news anchor – he will publish a newspaper (weekly, we hope) and will tell about new things that go on. 



telescopeIn the galaxy you’ll notice new globe that looks like a telescope. You can use it to share a world with your freinds and look at other worlds. Win more “world” to share as you play !

Last but not least, we have a new parking game featuring your animals as drivers. Can you win the game ? 

cameraBe sure to check the photo-printing feature found in every world and send us your best photos.

Anyone without Silverlight should get now a better user experience. We advise to check our extensive Silverlight help page, if anything goes wrong.

Enjoy and keep creatin’ !

BTW see this cool movie 

Story telling with Shidonni

October 27, 2008

The amazing Kelly Irish from Michigen is teaching 1st and 2nd graders the art of story telling. She started using Shidonni and edited with the 6th graders the following movie:

We really got excited about it and wanted to share this work with all of you.

You can check more of what Kelly is doing at and here

Printing your Animals

September 24, 2008

Hi everyone and thank you for all the cool notes. It has been hactick as we are rolling out Shidonni this week , slowly, “seeding” information about us.

We want you to have an impact on what we do , so here is the first question :

Would you like to print your animals ? and if you would , would you like to print them alone (just the animal) or the animal with its background (like a safari photo ?)

Do let us know !