New Super Exciting Feature, and nice to meet you:)


Hey there!

My name is Elena and I’m Shidonni’s toy designer. From now on I’ll be updating you on our new and wonderful feature “Shidonni One-of-a-kind“.

As you all know,  Shidonni is creative game for kids aged 5-12, where they draw their own characters, and then play with them in the virtual world of fun, games and all sorts of activities.

But imagine, how great would it be, if your virtual friend could become a real one? Now it can!

With an amazing new feature you can turn your character into a big, lovely, cuddly, soft, real plush toy!

Now we can create for you a custom-made toy made from your drawing ! Place an order, and soon you will be playing with your one-of-a-kind cuddly toy.

Let me show you one of my favorite transformations – from a drawing to a toy.

Tell me what you think about it, I love to get feedback.


custom-made toy!


One Response to “New Super Exciting Feature, and nice to meet you:)”

  1. chamomile Says:

    Hello Elena!

    It’s absolutely amazing feature!!!!
    I have more than 10 shidonni pets. The last one is a little pup and IT ROCKS!!! My family is considering getting a living pet and i’m sure that plush real puppy will be great preparation for me.


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