Bath, Awards and New Things to do !



We were busy bringing you cool new things :


First notice there is a new menu : The missions moved the the left and there are new awards !


You get awards as you play in Shidonni. The more you play, care for your pets, communicate with buddies and create, the more awards you will get. Try to collect them all !

The animal menu is changed as well :


Do you notice something new ? That’s right ! the duck ! It leads to a new a bath that lets you clean your animals ! Here is how it looks:


Remember to Shampoo, soap and dry your animals before sending them back to the world. And do not forget to the play with the duck as well.

There are loads of other new things in Shidonni. Can you find them all ?

Have fun creating !


One Response to “Bath, Awards and New Things to do !”

  1. Redwolf1378 Says:

    I LOVE SHIDONNI!!! Thanks som much for making this site!!! 😀

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