What do users say ?


Hi Everyone,

As you may have seen, we got loads of new things to show you. 

User Joey Gilles sums it up best:

Just the other day a new game came out along with a new feature

1. the feature is you can now send books 

2.the new game is were you have to match colors to make them go away

and just keep your Eyes peeled for more surprises soon


Yes. We are upgrading the book, so you can share it with Friends. There are new moves and behaviours to the animals and it is becoming a cool place to create more great activities with your animals and worlds.

The “bubble” game is nothing less than addictive. You’ll get the rules quickly and we are sure you’ll have hours of fun setting lines of colors together.

Have Fun !


One Response to “What do users say ?”

  1. Dekel Says:

    Great Idea! Our family is impressed…
    What I liked the best is the part where you draw the animal and shidoni animates it ‘for free’. Other animation software/sites for kids generally require to specify a time line of events.

    1) Are you planning on adding more behaviors?
    Currently, in our world, the animals jump around. They don’t ask the user for food, play with each other or try to climb the tree.
    2) I didn’t see the music features, except the default shidoni background music. Do you plan on allowing the user to create their own music?

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