Classroom ideas


Hi everyone,

Over the past few weeks we had a number of users send us ideas on using Shidonni in schools.

Here is a list of these ideas and we would be happy to continue and add to it your ideas – please send them in.

In the future we will create an entire section of these ideas – so keep them flowing in.

Kelly Irish:

  • The learner will contribute a sentence to a Shared Writing about the experience to create a class book…using the book creation feature on Shidonni
  • TLW independently draw a picture, illustrating an element of the common experience with the picture and sentence must represent the same concept..On Shidonni have students draw and animal and think of all the things he can do? Dogs run. Birds Fly.
  • TLW share the published story with an audience outside the classroom, save, email or screen capture your movie to share with others.
  • TLW, after listening to a selected story, discuss the setting in detail and collaboratively illustrate the setting.
  • TLW listen to a story and discuss the characters through actions, words, and pictures in the story. Add a character to the setting.

Kelly Tenkely:

  • create a Shidonni world with all of the planets (in correct order of course)  Then create aliens and spaceships to fly through their outer space.

send us more through this blog or to our to our mail box


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2 Responses to “Classroom ideas”

  1. Greg Stevens Says:

    First grade studies the rainforest each year at my school. In computer class we’ve used Kid Pix to animate rainforest animals in their habitat. This year we used TabKids to animate. We discovered Shidonni right near the end of the rainforest unit. Knowing it now, I’ll teach the rainforest animation unit differently next time.

    1) Discuss traditional animation & cartoons on tv
    2) Look at & notice how technology has changed animation
    3) Note how layers are used to separate character from background
    4) Draw rainforest animal and background separately in Shidonni
    5) Befriend teacher in Shidonni
    6) Send rainforest animal to teacher account
    7) Showcase complete collection of rainforest animasl in a single Shidonni world

    We also look at slow motion Quicktime videos of animals walking, flying to see frame-by-frame steps in motion. We’ll likely continue to do a more fine-tuned animation, maybe in Toon Boom next year. We’ll definitely use Shidonni again!

  2. Guy Bendov Says:

    more good class ideas here

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