New version, New features


Hi everyone,

As you all noticed the new Shidonni version is up. A set of new fun features were introduced as well as premium features which we will roll during December.

Some of the new features to check out are:

  1. New editing tool for pets
  2. Clothing to your pets
  3. Taxi to move your pets between worlds
  4. Beds to put your pets to sleep and wake them up when you want to play with them
  5. Passport for your pets, while they travel the world

We are now also asking to get an email for your account in order to make Shidonni safer and easier to use. This means that we also comply with Internet standards for games for under 13 years old.

Note: if you did not put an email or you entered a bad email, we will provide you with a way to edit them again in the next 24 hours.

Notice the new features for Shidonni Pro artists. We will roll these features in the next two weeks.

We will introduce in this news blog new features next week, one by one. We hope you enjoy them . Tell us what you think .

Create your imagination !



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One Response to “New version, New features”

  1. Rounding up RIA IDE Plugin Release Week Says:

    […] dropped a note telling us about a new release of Shidonni. I went to their blog. Shidonni introduced a list of new features and now comply with the Internet standards for games for under 13 years old. […]

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